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Walk In Shower Enclosures

What is a Walk In Shower Enclosure?

A walk in shower is more seamless, streamlined look of a contemporary wet room; a space where the shower area is integrated into the room itself to improve the design ‘flow’, rather than being a separate, disjointed feature. One of the reasons why wet rooms are so popular is because of their unique style. While the traditional bathroom is still a staple feature in many homes, it’s also a feature that’s quickly becoming rather outdated. The hot trend in modern bathroom design is to steer clear of ‘the norm’, and instead opt for something quirky and different. Because of the nature of wet rooms, they’re sometimes viewed as being quite limited in terms of style, design, and furnishing, but you can actually have a lot more input into the overall look and feel of a wet room than you may think.

Despite the need for wet room furnishings and products to be safe, secure, and, most importantly, water resistant, there’s a remarkable amount of choice available for putting your own stamp onto the room and showing off your personality, especially when it comes to shower screens.

It’s simple to see just how much choice and variation there really is for wet rooms when you take a look at some of the world leaders in wet room furnishings and accessories. The Orca brand, for example, which is based in New Zealand but sold all around the globe offers a huge range of both contemporary and traditional styles, inspired by the country’s modern economy as well as its rich history and culture. Today, there is so much choice that ‘wet room’ has become somewhat of an umbrella term; there’s really no restrictions as to what you can create.

Shower screens for wet rooms can really be as eye catching or as understated as desired. Framed screens with prominent features such as flipper panels help to make your shower area the centrepiece of the wet room; a look that’s particularly great if you’ve opted for more subtle and subdued floor and wall tiles. At the other end of the scale are frameless shower screens which have fast become a firm favourite for those wanting to extend their home’s modern, contemporary, and minimalist look into their wet room. Frameless wet room glass is especially suited to rooms with very bold and busy tile patterns, as it ensures that the focus stays on the tiles for full effect, rather than swaying to the shower area itself.

For those looking for something with a little extra ‘oomph’, LED wet room glass is the latest in wet room design. Built-in LED strips are cleverly concealed within the screen to maintain a clean, streamlined design, but emit a warming, welcoming glow that can can take away from any ‘coldness’ of a wet room and can instantly transform your space into somewhere cozy yet vibrant. Some like to include sensor controls which enables their LED strips to turn on automatically for a truly luxurious bathing experience. What’s interesting, however, is that this rise in flexibility and versatility is really just one of the reasons why wet rooms are becoming more and more popular in the UK. Another reason that’s sparked such an interest in this style of bathroom is the status of the housing market. While lending to first time buyers is improving, meaning that more people are able to get a foot on the property ladder, many are unable to move directly into their ‘forever home’.

For those who are finding themselves a little short of space, a wet room can prove to be a significant space-saver and, perhaps even more importantly, as a particularly sought after feature, a wet room can also add to the value of a home ready for putting it on the market. There’s many more advantages of wet rooms, too, which are well worth taking into consideration if you’re thinking about renovating your bathroom or adding a second bathroom into your home. On the whole, wet rooms are much quicker, easier, and, dare we say it, more enjoyable, to clean than a regular bathroom. Thanks to the water resistant nature of the furnishings and accessories in the space, it’s possible to simply wipe clean, which is an especially important benefit for those who suffer with allergies and find that those hard-to-clean areas which are prone to dust build-ups and mould spores often trigger these allergies. Generally speaking, wet rooms are much more hygienic than traditional bathrooms. Overall, a wet room typically has a more open, airy, and spacious feel when compared to a traditional bathroom space, making it the ideal choice for smaller homes, and for those who love the modern and contemporary styles which are becoming increasingly popular in bathroom design today. Adding a wet room into your home can improve the look, feel, and even the value of your home. Why not give it a try?