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Shower Trays

Shower Trays

Browse our collection of high-quality well crafted Low Level Shower Trays available to buy online. With our excellent range of styles, colours and sizes for you to choose from, we're confident you'll find the perfect shower tray to suit the job.

Need help making your selection? We have put together some impotant points to consider when choosing your shower tray.

Ways to Choose the Best Shower Tray for Your Bathroom

Shower trays and in particular the best ones require that you dug deeper in your pockets. That is one of the reasons why you need proper guidance before you move out to purchase one for your home. For proper installation, you may need to ask a number of questions to the installer or the manufacturer.

Selecting the appropriate shower tray-size

Shower trays usually come in many and different sizes thus posing a major challenge to you in terms of choosing the one that will serve you the best way possible. A high end store will present you with shower trays of between 760mm x 760mm standard shower trays to 1700mm x 760mm slimline rectangle shower trays.

Asides from that, it also sees to it that it stocks pentangle, offset quadrant and quadrant. You may be wondering what size is most appropriate for you. You will quite agree with the fact that no one actually needs to tell you what you exactly need. However, you need a good tip on how to go about the matter. You definitely need ensure that you settle for one that aligns to the space that you have.

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Choosing the appropriate shower tray-material

The current markets are flooded with shower trays manufactured from different materials. That makes choosing quite tricky, but by taking some time to obtain some in-depth understanding about the different trays might help get the best one anyway. Well, the common ones are made from resin-stone and acrylic.

Resin stone shower trays are manufactured from resin based glue and a mixture of crushed stone. The mixture is then poured into a mould and set after which a special gel coating is applied which gives it quite an attractive finish with a white appearance.

Just as the name suggests, the Acrylic shower trays are manufactured from Acrylic. In the recent past, these kinds of trays were thought of as quite weak. This has now changed at the moment and that is thanks to the new and advanced technology that has been incorporated in coming up with the modern ones. With newer tighter EEC regulations, things are now carried out differently helping make this type of shower trays showcase greater strength and durability as well.

As a matter of fact, both trays are associated with their own particular benefits and many at times buyers find themselves torn in two when it comes to selecting one over the other. A good explanation would most probably be that at the moment there doesn’t seem to be quite a great disparity between the two especially in terms of factors that matter like strength and durability.

Does your shower need to be fitted either downstairs or on the concrete base? You won’t be wrong moving ahead to settle for the traditional stone resin tray. But you need to be reminded about the fact that your case is that involving fitted up stairs or the weaker joists for that matter, it is pretty advisable that you go for the acrylic trays since they will serve better in that regard. You don’t need to be very rigid about it since this is only a suggestion-you can move ahead and use any as a matter of fact!

Choosing the appropriate shower tray-make

One real fact is that whenever you move out you will be sure to come across a wide range of shower trays manufacturers. With the great technological advancements being experienced globally, it has at the moment gotten even easier to access the manufacturers online where you can even move ahead to make your purchases. We have always found low level shower trays that are manufactured in the UK to be the best quality.

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It is important to outline that quite a good number are high quality, giving you real value for your money. However, it won’t be in order to overlook the fact that in the same online platform there are still many sellers disguised as companies selling the genuine shower trays. If you can move ahead to commit to such dealing you might end up regretting and lets agree on one simple fact-that is not what you went out to seek!

Beware of retailers selling the counterfeit shower trays and many at time you will recognize them with the cheaper prices they sell the products at. You shouldn’t be enticed by the cheap prices since at times cheap may turn out rather expensive.

Be more careful and one good way go about the matter is to read the various customer reviews posted online by the different buyers. Most of the counterfeit products are normally imported from the far eastern countries .By visiting a website that deals with selling products from the most reputable manufacturers, you assure yourself of high quality products at the most affordable rates. Here at Serene Bathrooms, we work hard to ensure we supply the best quality at the nest prices.

It is quite simple to close a good deal! Just get started by simply doing some research on the tray you are looking forward to purchase and that is definitely searching the manufacturers name in your search engine. The perfect way to identify a genuine one is by checking out to ensure that the manufacture has a website. Remember that installing your shower tray is something you do only once and thus you need to do it the best way.

The slimline designer shower tray which happens to be 100% resin has a very beautiful design. This shower tray’s functionality matches up to its great looks. It is manufactured in the UK from 100% stone resin and the fact that the shower trays are 25mm high do much towards giving your shower room a modernistic design.

Its flow rate is over 33 Litres per minute and it fully complies with EN274 European standard. Its advanced design features give it the perfect look for you home and with it you have the real value for money. Just as you go about making your most important purchases in life, buying a shower tray is an important undertaking. Make the ultimate decision today by settling for this product and get to reap from its wide range of benefits.