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Frameless Shower Enclosures

Orca Frameless Shower Enclosures & Doors

A frameless shower enclosure is the perfect way to give your bathroom a modern makeover. It might be that you want to add a little refinery into your sudsy sanctuary, or that you are seeking a quality piece to improve the overall look of your bathroom. Whatever the reason may be, a frameless shower could be the contemporary kick you are after.

From roller shower quadrants and frameless sliding shower doors, to curved corners and square enclosures, here at Serene Bathrooms, we have a style to suit your showering needs. Our Frameless shower enclosures are made by Orca, a brand that make highly sought after, quality and stylish showers.

Why choose Orca?

Orca Bathrooms are specialists in the bathroom industry; known for providing the most decadent of designs in frameless shower enclosures whilst always ensuring dedication to their craft by way of expert installation. Orca pride themselves on providing opulent frameless showers to the highest standard. Not only this but they go the extra mile in terms of project managing their works; ensuring they experience their customers’ journey right alongside them.

They supply high-quality workmanship from start to finish. Our experts at Serene are on hand to help with any design aspect and answer any questions you have along the way. So you can sit back and relax, knowing that we will everything to ensure you get the luxury bathroom you’ve always wanted.

Choosing the right shower design

You’ll want to select a shower design that suits your own style and taste but there will also be practical considerations, such as the size of your bathroom and what shape will work best in your space.

It’s important to think about the location in which your shower will sit. If you’re looking to fit yours into a right-angled corner area, rectangular frameless shower enclosures will fit neatly, whilst some spaces will welcome a more curved contour.

Deciding on which doors to swing for is also of importance when it comes to the design, as these can dramatically alter both the capacity and perception of your area. If space isn’t an issue, hinged doors can be an excellent option as these will open out fully. Pivot doors are the next best choice for space saving, and as bifold doors fold into the enclosure itself, these are perfect for the more bijou bathroom.

You could also look to select different styles of glass. Perhaps a touch of tint is required for that extra bit of jazz, or maybe a frosted pane will really complete the look. You could even stick with the classic plain glass door; ideal for showing off your expertly crafted tiles.

Why frameless shower enclosures?

Frameless shower enclosures and doors introduce a sleek, groomed and modern theme into your bathroom, and as frameless shower doors are glass in their embodiment, they also increase the overall size. This can make even the most compact of bathrooms seem lighter and airier.

If you’ve spent time working on the interior elements of your enclosure, an appealing aspect of selecting a frameless shower is the opportunity to showcase this work. You can also highlight this further by choosing sophisticated lighting alongside other fineries.

A frameless shower door is extremely durable, due to the thickness of the glass used and they require much less maintenance when it comes to cleaning, as there are no tracks for mould to grow. This coupled with an Easy Clean coating, cleaning time is massively reduced when maintaining your new modern look.

Another benefit welcomed by homeowners is the value of which a frameless shower can add to your home. Whilst the initial cost can be high, the debut of such an enclosure can increase the worth of your dwelling. Of course, you want to ensure that you’ve taken the time to enjoy it personally before looking to pass on such a gratifying experience to the next owner.

Sliding frameless shower enclosures

If you’re looking to save space but still need to save time by doubling up your shower in the morning, the Orca frameless sliding shower door is the perfect option. With matching side panels and a chrome wall profile for concealing fixings, the roller door makes for a seamless and idyllic shower enclosure. Only the premium of components are employed and these combined with toughened glass, offer outstanding value for money.

Roller frameless shower quadrant

After a contemporary design with the wow factor? Available in a multitude of sizes, the stunning frameless quadrant shower enclosure is immaculately crafted with doors that slide on a solid roller track. Orca have spent time perfecting the smooth sliding action, setting it a class apart.

This design is ideal for all bathrooms, and for the more contemporary minded, there are plenty of trendy features available, such as magnetic seals and reversible doors. Who says shower time has to be just about the suds?

Rectangular double hinge

If ease is what you’re after, enter the Orca double hinge frameless shower enclosures. This is a superbly designed enclosure with outwardly opening hinge doors, allowing you to slip in easily and wash away the day's stresses. Modern and minimalistic in its design, this will fit snugly into the corner of your bathroom and presents a range of features including an exclusive easy clean coating and 6mm toughened glass.

Orca understands that whilst their customers are after the highest quality product, simplicity is desired for installation and maintenance and this is displayed throughout.

Double hinged frameless shower doors

If your lathering location is a little cosier, you can opt for the square version of the double hinge door. Sleek and streamlined in its design, The Orca 800mm by 800mm design allows for stress-free access and more time focusing on the comfort of your surroundings.

Curved corner

Contemporary curves and solid craftsmanship await you with this unique, eye-catching enclosure. The curved corner contains a one piece section of glass, which wraps itself neatly around the front; adding the perfect touch of modern-day design, whilst maintaining a luxurious mindset.

The cost is a little higher than other enclosures, but with a one piece kit and easy installation on offer, you can spend more time planning your other design needs and let Orca take care of the rest.

Why buy frameless shower enclosures online

With such luxury and comfort available at incredibly reasonable prices and free shipping on offer for orders over £500, there is no reason not to buy frameless shower enclosures online today.