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Dukkaboard Wet Rooms

Dukkaboard Logo

Dukkaboard can be used to make custom wetrooms, walk-in showers and furniture. The main Dukkaboard backerboard system is made up of three ranges, panels, shower trays and Creative panels. This is supported by an additional comprehensive range of accessories, nuts, bolts & waterproofing solutions. Manufactured using high density polystyrene core with a glass fibre reinforcement coating, Dukkaboard is completely waterproof, moisture proof, rot proof, lightweight & extremely workable. With Dukkaboard, the sky is the limit, providing you with everything you need to get creative and build custom shower areas and much more.

The Benefits of Dukkaboard

Moisture & Rot Proof

Lightweight & Workable

Exceptional Stability

Moisture & Rot Proof

High Thermal Insulation

Dukkaboard Waterproofing Kit 

The Dukkaboard Range

Dukkaboard Original Panels

Dukkaboard Original is a superior grade tile backing board. Manufactured using a high-density extruded polystyrene core with a polymer modified, glass reinforced cement coating on either side, adding rigidity and strength to panels and shower trays.
Dukkaboard Original Boards

Dukkaboard Contractor Boards

Dukkaboard Contractor Panels

Dukkaboard Contractor is a tiler's favourite and can be used in preference to plaster, plasterboard, MDF, chipboard and particle boards. It can be fixed directly to timber or metal studwork and even cover old tiles instead of removing the old surface and re-plastering.

Dukkaboard Creative Panels

Dukkaboard Creative allows you to create walls and partitions of any shape and design in minutes. The boards can be curved in either direction providing tight curves for pipes and columns or a gentle curve for shower enclosures, bath surrounds and artistic step features.
Dukkaboard Creative Boards

Dukkaboard XL Boards

Dukkaboard XL Boards

Dukkaboard XL is a premium quality cement board ideal for overboarding chipboard and timber floors, providing an ideal substrate for all tile finishes including the heaviest of stone.

Dukkaboard Shower Trays

Dukkaboard offers pre-formed shower trays, available in a wide variety of sizes to suit any application allowing you to sit the tray level with the surrounding floor and providing a flat wet room with no height variance.
Dukkaboard Shower Trays