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High Gloss White Bathroom Furniture


A bathroom is our oasis of peace where, we not only clean our body, but also, our mind of everyday stress and grime. It’s a shrine of comfort which affects us in more ways than we can imagine. While being usually the smallest room in a house, its usage rate is higher than any other room. Planning out space and storage in such limited environment is not easy and it is something which shouldn’t be taken for granted. Keep in mind that, if this matter is not taken seriously, you may end up with a bathroom which will turn out to be a place of disorder and chaos after a certain period of time. This is the result of accumulation of bathroom materials such as towels, hair appliances, electrical shavers, toothbrushes and etc., due to lack of proper storage and space utilization.

Bathroom furniture should not only provide practical uses, but also it needs to be aesthetically pleasing in order for it to have the effect of a relaxing and safe haven. While most people would choose practical purpose over elegance due to fast paced lifestyle most of us live, we need devote some of that little time we have and enjoy a relaxing bath in a well outfitted bathroom. Times and times again we were visitors of a household where every room is equipped lavishly, with the exception of an atrocious bathroom which is well beyond its time. It is something which can be avoided quite easily with a few carefully picked pieces of furniture. After all, it’s not a place which should be neglected design-wise.

Regardless of the size of your bathroom, high gloss white bathroom furniture is a must have. White is the most commonly used color, mainly because it can be paired with any other color, due to it being neutral. It is easier to spot dirt in a white bathroom, which will come in handy when cleaning it. While white may seem too mainstream for some people, with the addition of a high gloss effect, it will more than surely stand out and make your bathroom more appealing to you and your visitors. Investing in affordable storage solutions will eliminate any form of chaos which can be caused by lack of space do put away your daily essentials. From basic wall hung vanity sets through complete bathroom furniture sets, you will be introduced to their purpose and overall effect on your household.

High Gloss White Vanity Units

An ideal solution for a small bathroom is without question a vanity unit. While pedestal sinks take less space, they also don’t offer any form of storage, which is crucial when trying to keep your bathroom tidy. Aside from utilizing the otherwise inaccessible space beneath the sink, you are also bestowed with extra counter top space. It sets the tone of your entire bathroom and it can be customized to suit your need the best. Albeit being attached to a set of drain pipes they give out an illusion of freestanding pieces. They come in various shapes and sizes and they are a perfect fit for a bathroom which is in desperate need of a new look.

As mentioned before, the vanity unit will determine the tone of your bathroom and the best choice is high gloss white vanity unit, due to it being compatible with almost any tone of color, while giving out that luxurious glow which we seek. Double door vanity comes with more space for storage, while a single door one offers more free space for you to use on different pieces of furniture and/or allow you to walk more freely. Also, consider using a white corner vanity unit, as they are ridiculously compact to create the illusion of free space, while being just slightly storage friendly than the previous two.

If you are more for the conventional vanity units, then in that case a wall hung vanity unit should satisfy your needs. They are small and very compact, but while providing minimum space they also cover the draining pipes which are notorious for giving out a feeling of incompletion.

With respect to their size, vanity units include vast spectrum of different kinds of storage options. Whether you are more comfortable to utilizing shelves inside the cabinets, or a more drawer first person, can be neglected due to the fact that you are provided with a wide choice of vanity units on the current market. If you are willing to spend more money on your bathroom, but can’t quite find the vanity unit you are looking for, you can have it made by a builder to suit your needs the best.

Toilet Units

The prime building block of your bathroom, or anyone’s to be precise, is of course a toilet unit. The consequence of having a bad toilet unit, more often than not, results in an uncomfortable living experience. Since they have been put in use, they have become an essential part of our lives. The main purpose of toilet units is to give us privacy when relieving ourselves, but also make that entire process easier, while safeguarding the environment form massive pollution. Having a toilet was a privilege back in the day, and it was something which was accessible only to the people of higher social status. While that is not the case today, we should appreciate the role it has in our lives, but also integrate it into the bathroom area the best way we can.

As mentioned before, space is luxurious while discussing the ways of equipping your bathroom. There should always be space for such an essential tool, but not always will it fit with the rest of the room accessories. Toilet units come in various sizes, and you should tread carefully when selecting one for your own bathroom. Its size, color, and functionality are key factor which have to be addressed before getting a toilet unit for your home.

Luckily for us, the industry that produces toilet units keeps getting bigger, and it continues to offer more than satisfying number of available toilet units. But unlike any other major product type, such as cell phones or automobiles, where bigger mostly leads to being better, when discussing the matter of toilet units this is not the case. Manufactures main focus was on creating a toilet unit which is as small as it possibly could be, whilst retaining its functionality, seating space and comfort.

It is important to notice that when connecting your toilet to the water system in your house, more often than not you will find yourself facing the problem of visible pipework, which is standing out when observing the entire room. The solution to this problem is a toilet unit which creates a minimalist-like look for your bathroom, while hiding away the pipework quite subtly. A white high gloss toilet unit certainly makes the best case for this, mainly because it is easier to integrate it in the system, while also giving you a sense of clean environment and a sterile environment, a term which is hard to relate to bathrooms in general. Certainly, the extra top work above makes this offer more appealing, due to it offering more storage space for you to work with.

Mirrors and Mirror Cabinets

What has become an indispensable part of a bathroom, is without question a mirror. While getting ready to tackle on your everyday obstacles, a mirror is required to outfit yourself the proper way. Without it being in its recommended place, we are losing what little of our precious time we have on, what seems, endless hours of getting ready. We spend more than 20 minutes per day on getting ready, which later culminates in well over 120 hours per year. That time is measured with respect to people who own a mirror in their bathroom.

Adding a mirror in your bathroom will not only save your precious time, but it is also something which is relatively easy to fix inside your bathroom, as it has really a limited space it requires to take. Mirrors are commonly used to decorate a room, and this should be the case too for your own bathroom. What a mirror does is, it creates an illusion of extra space, and in a limited surrounding such as your bathroom, it is something which is desired in order to eliminate the sense of it being a claustrophobic environment.

If your bathroom seems a bit too dark, then adding a mirror is a cheap and quite effective way to add light, something which is everyone’s goal. Have it installed on the place where it will reflect most of the light so that you avoid possibly adding more mirrors. They come in various sizes and shapes which makes them customizable to your needs. If you are aiming for more aesthetic approach, consider installing a bigger mirror for additional light reflection. But if your goal is functionality, then a smaller mirror should do just fine for you.

While mirror does bring an illusion of more space to your bathroom, you also need to consider the space it is using. If you are looking to optimize its function further consider acquiring a mirror cabinet for extra storage space. Pairing it with a design which features backlighting, can do wonders to the aesthetic part of your bathroom. If you are willing to spend a few extra pound of your budget, consider buying heated mirrors in order to avoid the necessity to clean the fog, which accumulates while taking a shower. Mirror cabinets offer you additional space to store your essentials close to your hand, thus by making you more effective in getting ready. Consider adding a white gloss finish to it for more compatibility with other bathroom furniture. A mirror cabinet is something which is not hard to implement in your bathroom but it will most certainly do wonders for you.

Other Options

When discussing high gloss bathroom furniture, the three items listed above certainly come to mind first. While being easily modified to suit your needs, there are also two items you should also consider adding to your bathroom.

If your bathroom is a bit more spacious than the ones found in other people, a perfect idea for you is a tall wall cabinet. It is a superb solution for storing away all that extra toilet paper, toothpaste or any other bathroom essentials. Wall mounted cabinets are eye appealing, and while drawing the eye in the more upwards direction, it also creates an illusion of spaciousness. Adding a white high gloss cabinet will surely help with achieving a sense of a clean environment while offering a stylish and modern theme to the bathroom.

Another item which is recommended for a bathroom with more working space is a floating shelf. By implementing not just one, but several of them, you are adding an airy and open feeling to the entire environment. They are also the perfect place to show off your lavish bath products of luxurious accessories.


While aiming at that contemporary look, but yet still a look with a special touch, then the white high gloss finish to your bathroom furniture is the perfect fit for you. White is the most common choice for bathroom color and adding a high gloss to it makes it more appealing, due to it adding a sense of luxury and light to your bathroom. As evident to the items listed above, you are able to retain space to use and still have enough storage room for you to store your essentials items for your hygiene. Combining all of that with the white high gloss coating of your furniture, and you have matched something which is very to nowadays, which is functionality and aesthetics.

Your bathroom is after all, a room where you get ready to tackle your everyday obstacles, and if that environment is not set properly, neither will you be for that matter. White is the symbol of sterility, as well as cleanliness, all of which your bathroom needs to be.